What can I do to enhance my future and potential career? These ideas will help.

How Do I Enhance My Future Career?

You might start with your organizational support scores from the GCA Report which indicate information satisfaction (quality and amount of information I received) and how much support I receive for the work I am expected to produce or for the task I’m assigned. Thus, if you feel there is insufficient support then you can look for pathways to request organizational assistance in adjusting to a new culture. If your GCA scores were somewhat lower than 84%, that may indicate you feel you need more organizational support.

Best Practices
  • Actively request specific expectations from your employer, department, class, college, or social groups.
  • Find out any tools required to complete your work and learn of any available assistance and support in your new role or circumstance.
  • Develop and frequently maintain good channels of communication and relationship with informal or formal leaders who can be helpful in coaching you on what and when to do tasks and how things are done. Your organization may not always be timely, but they want your success in your tasks and in your cultural adjustment. Ask them for anything you need and they often will find ways to be helpful, but you have to ask.
  • Set clear expectations and timetables for task accomplishment. A good question to ask is, “How will I know when I’m successful?”
  • Start early with resume and practice interviews.
  • Seek at least one, if not multiple internships. These are good when conducted with an organization connected to a future industry in which you want to work, but don’t overlook any kind of unpaid or paid internship, part-time job, or volunteering. These all matter.

How Do I Advance My Future?

Start toward career goals. Ask what kind of jobs you can maintain while in your current situation? (Depends also on your visa) After graduation? How can I set long-term career goals? Personal goals? Passions? (Reassessment of original goals). How could I incorporate this degree or experience back at home? (Re-assimilation). One starting point is to take advantage of resources like a career center or your major/minor academic department where some of the staff or professors will visit about career goals.

How Do I Maintain Physical and Mental Health?

It is always good to keep a regular exercise and workout schedule. Whether outdoors or in a wellness center, there are new friends to meet here, too. When it comes to mental health, being able to talk with a confidential friend or a counselor is a good strategy. Everyone gets down sometimes. Therefore, it is important to learn how to recognize when you are down and have a tool kit for enhancing mental, physical, and emotional health. Maintaining a good self-esteem is another important step. There are good books and easy to listen/watch to audio/video clips that can be helpful.