a group of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals with an academic history to simplify your dei strategy.

We noticed a big problem.

Did you know that in most cases, organizations measure diversity, equity, and inclusion success based on the number of individuals representing a particular demographic groups hired per quarter? Some go beyond that to hire a professional DEI consultant to train the executives or board of directors on DEI terminology or current trends.

But have you ever asked yourself about everyone else in the organization? Are they prepared to productively engage with a diversifying workforce, or are we pushing a diverse workforce into unhealthy workplace cultures? 


So, we dedicated 20 years to finding a solution.

In order to fully understand how to create a safe and healthy workplace, where everyone felt included, we must first measure where we are in this journey. That’s why we spent 20 years in continual research, development, and testing in over 40 countries so that we could bring you the ability to benchmark DEI aptitudes, develop your entire workforce, and measure each person’s DEI attitudes and behaviors. Only when we are able to measure, equip, and educate each and every employee can we truly begin to lay the building blocks for a successful workplace, for everyone. A better workplace for everyone.


now we’re helping you make better DEI decisions.

Instead of uncertainty around where how you should approach organizational DEI, you can now have a view on where your entire workforce measures in the top 15 key DEI aptitude indicators. Rely on us to generate organization-wide data and talent-development in DEI attitudes and behaviors through our proven, patent-pending process.


Who we are says a lot about what we do, and how we do it. Based in Dallas, TX, the team at Go Culture brings decades of industry experience, field research, and most importantly a deep passion to create better workplaces through DEI aptitude measurement, talent-development, and certification.







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what people are saying

Dr. Deja Rawlins

“…that research part is KEY for me. They have a software program to measure D&I at a deeper level to help you promote your own initiatives. You can’t argue with quantitative data so I have been really intrigued with the D&I methodology these past few years.”

Dr. Samantha Lopez

“I have been a professional in Higher Education for more than 18 years. A year ago, we started working with Go Culture to assess and increate Cultural Competence. We are big fans of Go Culture as we saw a 9% increase in scores after only 12 weeks! Kudos to Go Culture for creating this amazing platform that is helping educators to find solutions!”

Dr. Kent Willis

“I hope more organizations will see the utility of Go Culture as one of the best moves they can make to equip teams with the human relations and cultural competency skills necessary for navigating an increasingly diverse world in a positive and productive way. The most successful organizations will step up to the plate and invest in people and that is possible through Go Culture.”