This normal question reflects those moments when you feel really excited, know that you understand and that you are successful. But, darker thoughts crowd out the progress when you wonder if this feeling will last. Resources including Best Practices and Coaching Videos are readily available for clients.

The answer lies in the concept of resilience. Work to relay your beliefs about continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties. Exercise toughness, perseverance, resilience, and elasticity. Correctly perceive at what level you can accomplish, despite a diverse or difficult communication environment. Truly believe that what you do can make a difference and in an ability to modify direction through communication activity. Your GCA Report may reflect a personal conditioning, kind of like how you learned to think and do things in the past. Such conditioning factors might include your previous jobs, how you were expected to learn in school, views on completion, and how you dealt with your old friends, family, and co-workers. It is all different now, so the best strategy is to stay the course. Being tough is not natural, so you have to work at these skills to persevere and experience all the joy that awaits you, including inner feelings of success as you make it through even the most difficult times.

Best Practices
  • Develop strategies to finish projects one by one, thus avoid feeling out of control
  • Seek choice, not feeling trapped, powerless, and overly dependent on others
  • Develop competencies in performance areas so as to meet expectations
  • Offer affirmation to others; receive reciprocity
  • Seek cultural confidant to discuss initiatives and innovations

A Look at American Co-Workers and Classmates

Anders Melin, writing in the U.S. News & World Report makes these observations:

  1. Americans are extremely friendly.They like you to be friendly and smile, too
  2. Americans are proud of their country and hold diverse opinions.Don’t be put off if you don’t feel the same way. Accept this perspective and discuss ideas when they are appropriate
  3. Americans see other countries as exotic.They like the unusual and will ask questions
  4. Americans are not lazy. They work hard; do the same and step up as much as you can